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Shot in the Dark

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Ryan Stewart has one great love in life. 

When her small coffee shop loses its lease, it sends Ryan reeling. As she finds herself at a crossroads, Ryan finds out she’s inherited a South Texas ranch. The chance feels like fate setting her world straight. With nothing but the hope of falling in love with Texas, Ryan sets off on an adventure that will change everything. She’ll fall head over boots not only for ranch life, but for the sexy cowboy who hates city girls with a passion.

Henry Remington has one great love in life. 
The Waitin’ Ranch.

Henry’s invested everything cultivating his cattle business run on the leased land he’s grown to call home. However, he knows life will change once the mysterious Ryan Stewart arrives to take over the property. Only Henry’s expecting a man, not a gorgeous woman. Ryan’s a city girl through and through and Henry knows she won’t make it three months on the ranch. He just has to wait her out but he needs to do it without losing his heart in the process.

Could a relationship that starts off as nothing more than a shot in the dark be exactly what Ryan and Henry have been waiting for?

Right Side

Coming September 24, 2019

Beatrice Remington has one great love in life. Fashion.

When Bea followed her twin brother, Henry, and his ranching dream to Oaks, Texas after graduating from fashion school; running the local boot shop seemed like a dream come true. Bea has everything she wants in life with her thriving business and a budding collection of couture formal wear designs until she watches her brother fall in love. Bea realizes the missing piece to her happiness is the love of her best friend and secret crush, Al Bosco. After years of dancing around one another, Bea sets up a date with the town vet to make Al jealous enough to claim her. However, Bea’s plan backfires and leaves her alone in Oaks with nothing but one fake boyfriend, one broken heart and one wedding dress to design.

Al Bosco has one great love in life.
Beatrice Remington. 

Al has spent his entire life as the third wheel to the Remington twins. Somewhere along the line, as Henry became his brother, Beatrice became the love of his life. Only he’s never had the courage to admit it out loud. When Al shunned the family business to become a ranch hand at The Waitin’ Ranch, he set off a chain reaction that ensured he couldn’t risk bringing Bea’s heart into the chaos. As he finally breaks down and returns to his hometown to make things right so he can give Bea everything she deserves; she walks in holding hands with the town vet and looking happier than ever. Al may have a bruised ego but he’s on a mission to win Beatrice’s love once and for all. When he finally returns to Oaks, will his girl still have a heart to give to him or will Al be left with nothing but regret? 

Can Beatrice and Al get on the right side before their love story becomes another scrap on the cutting room floor?

Boys of Summer

Coming Oct 22, 2019

In a city where baseball is synonymous with summer, the Chicago Skylines bring the fun all season long. 

This year, the team has the best starting lineup of the last decade, including four of the best players the South has to offer. 

The only problem? 
Sometimes the major league good times don’t stay in the ballpark. 

Can these boys of summer keep the bases loaded and their hearts in check to make a playoff run or will they strike out on and off the field?

Meet four Chicago Skylines in this collection of novellas

Tyler Thomlin’s Second Chance Romance

Carson Bradley’s First Love Romance

Logan Porter’s Opposites Attract Romance

Walk Off
Duke Anderson’s Playboy Romance

Right Before Your Eyes

Release Date TBD

When Erik Mortimer feels the magic of his fate come alive, he knows it’s time to return home to Vesper, Texas. He can finally sense his soulmate, the woman who will literally complete him as she carries a piece of his magic.

Erik is not only set to take over his family’s hotel empire but now that his soulmate is near, he will become the high priest of the House of Water. Erik will be the chief guardian for one of the four sacred elements, the highest honor bestowed in the paranormal community.

He just has to find the woman marked with his magic. Easy, right?

It would be if Erik didn’t find himself entranced by both the voice of a mysterious singer from a local club known only as the mermaid and the face of an adorable nurse, Arielle Triton, who has a bad case of laryngitis. He and his magic feel utterly torn between a woman he’s never seen and a woman who can’t speak to him. 

Will trusting the power of fate bring him the answer he needs or will he miss what is right before his eyes?